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Victor Fung named Associate Artist of Swindon Dance

Victor has been announced as one of the new Associate Artist of Swindon Dance in the U.K.

“I am absolutely thrilled to be an Associate Artist of Swindon Dance this coming year. This opportunity cannot have come at a more suitable time as the learning I've gained through the Clore Leadership Fellowship programme and my doctoral studies at Middlesex University has given me a renewed sense of purpose and drive for my work as a dance artist. I see my choreographic works as beginnings of dialogues that challenge perceptions and build communities. With the support from Swindon Dance, I look forward to embarking on a series of projects that would allow me to open conversations with as diverse of an audience as possible; be it in the theatre or on the streets, in the U.K. or beyond, I want to create shared experiences that brings people together.” - Victor Fung

Swindon Dance

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