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Our research ranges from rigorous academic studies 

to learning through experimentation and play.

OzAsia Dance Lab

Sharing of practice

Ten choreographers from Asia and Australia undertake an intensive one week residency this OzAsia Festival. Under the guidance of acclaimed choreographer Leigh Warren, they will collaborate and share ideas in an experimental dance laboratory.

Dance4 CAT

Creativity in dance training for young dance talent

This research is an investigation of dance training for exceptional young dancers in the UK with a particular focus on the development of creativity. The Dance4 Centre for Advanced Training (CAT) programme, a pre-vocational training programme for dancers aged 11-18 in the East Midlands, will be used as the main case study. This qualitative research incorporates the investigation of the programme through an ethnographic approach as well as practice-based research of my personal practice as a dance artist-teacher. Through investigation, reflection and development of the pedagogical practices, a possible framework of critical analysis could be developed for dance practitioners to reflect upon their teaching practice. This research aims to contribute to the future development of the Dance4 CAT programme as well as the training for exceptional young dancers both nationally and internationally. 


A European network for dance creation

Six choreographers were selected for Spazio 2013-14. A temporal collective gathered to explore new realms and reflect upon individual creative practices, the residencies serve as the site of experimentation. International artists from different artistic disciplines were invited to allow participants to reflect upon their choreographic practice through new perspectives.

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