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Petrova Mira in Tá Excerpt from original Hungarian article ​ On the third and fourth day a number of performances of different styles and directions were presented, of which Victor Fung’s ‘From the Top’ would be a mistake to leave unmentioned. The Hong Kong-born choreographer’s creation has been beautifully supported by the Tanzmesse’s rather large, open, podium-like stage. The performance in line with the outside world’s aesthetical expectations is a result of long months of work, whose excessive seriousness and tension is broken by bringing the rehearsal process to the stage. The parody of the far from straightforward relationship between creator and artist is very inspiring. It reminds me of a dancer who does not love his job, but in the absence of any other qualifications is forced to dance for living. Or the terrible, unbearable choreographers who ruin the lives of the artists who really love what they do and work hard. I enjoy balancing on the verge of the real rehearsal, the mocked rehearsal and the real, to be performed dance. But how real it is and what exactly is originality? Do we ever see the true self of any of the dancers on stage peeking behind the empty gazes? Do we really want to see them? Can it be, that we rather want to see we imagine of someone, that is aesthetically pleasing, beautiful and exciting instead of getting know who they really are? One thing is certain, that in case we crave for something cheerful instead of "conceptual dance" and constant brooding, the duet of the two skilled and funny dancers is the best choice. FROM THE TOP
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